I’m a healthcare worker and don’t currently need support. Why should I sign up?

Signing up today makes you better prepared for the future. While currently the hospital systems are not overwhelmed, they likely will be in the near future. It is important to sign up now so you can get connected with local help, meet them, and vet them before they are needed.  

Can I get paid as a volunteer?

We are trying to connect people who, out of a sense of social responsibility, want to help those on the front lines of the pandemic in whatever way they can. This is a volunteer organization but any agreements for paid work between connected parties is outside the scope of CoronaCareNM.

Why should I sign up to volunteer NOW?

 It is essential to get these connections started before the hospital system is overwhelmed. This way, when the support is needed we are ready as a community to act and provide the needed support for our healthcare workforce. 

What will volunteering through CoronaCareNM be like?

Volunteering will be very different and individualized for everyone. Your local healthcare worker will contact you and discuss what support they need and how you can best provide that support. When healthcare workers are taking care of patients they can’t also care for their children and pets, so childcare and pet sitting are some of the best ways to support them while they are at the hospital. Another important way to support overworked, tired, and overwhelmed people is to feed them. Preparing meals and bringing them to your healthcare workers house is another way to support them.  

How did CoronaCareNM start?

 A group of medical students saw a need for childcare and support for healthcare workers and staff as the demands for hospitals begin to increase. This is the grassroots community-based solution that was developed. The intent is to build a support network that is one-on-one so that collecting people in large groups in this time of social distancing is not required. We also noticed there are a lot of students and teachers who want to help during this pandemic. Our goal is to connect these groups with healthcare providers who need their assistance. 

Who will my information be shared with?

 Healthcare workers’ and hospital staff’s information will not be shared outside of CoronaCareNM without consent. Home addresses will not be shared outside of CoronaCareNM.  Volunteers’ contact information will be shared with one or more local healthcare workers and potentially other volunteer organizations needing assistance. 

Is it safe to be with healthcare workers and their children?

Please do not volunteer if you are elderly or in an at-risk group for severe complications from COVID-19. The current understanding is that there is low risk of serious health complications from COVID-19 for young and healthy individuals.  There is risk associated with COVID-19. These risks can be reduced by following available guidelines from the CDC.

Where can I find more information about protecting myself from COVID-19?

Please see our Resources page


 Please note: anyone who wishes to volunteer will need to complete a background check through the One Albuquerque website.